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STM Activities in Italy

Students of IIS MARIO PAGLIETI  participated in the Comenius logo contest with the following results:

Italian logos


On December 20th, 2013, the third year students at the Paglietti High School took part in a conference dedicated to the illustrious fellow citizen Antonio Fais, organised by the Town Hall of Ploaghe, in collaboration with the Autonomous region of Sardinia and the University of Cagliari.

The talented scholar was a great mathematician from Ploaghe, who lived between 1800 and 1900, author of publications on maths and trigonometry. He was presented by a young Ploaghe citizen newly graduated in Maths, and the professor of Maths at the University of Cagliari, Renzo Caddeo, who illustrated the mathematical contributions of Antonio Fais.

After the presentation there were several interactive maths laboratories for high school students and a show called “Fridges of another World”, by three young professors at the University of Cagliari about the fourth dimension.  

The lab experiences concerned soap bubbles and minimal surfaces, the construction of platonic polyhedrons, spherical geometry and the properties of spherical triangles, spheres and regular polyhedrons, the parabola, the ellipse and the construction of a cycloid. 



The meeting with the famous Italian geologist Mario Tozzi took place in the Civic Theatre of Alghero, on 7th March, 2014. A few students took part in the lesson-show where the geologist narrated the history of Sardinia from a geological point of view, accompanied by the jazz musician Enzo Favata. At the end of the lesson, the students had the opportunity to talk to the geologist and ask him more about how geology can be applied to real life today. Thus, a dialogue has begun that will enable further studies on themes such as the prevention of natural disasters, their causes and safety measures to be taken that geology can suggest. The contacts with the geologist will be kept thanks to the help of the meeting’s organizers.



Science in the square” is a small fair of scientific experiences at its IX edition.

The event sponsored by the Town of Sassari is promoted by the Association for the Teaching of Physics, the Turritan Society of Astronomy, together with the National Association of Science Teachers and the Educational Department of the Italian Association of Chemistry, with the collaboration of the University of Sassari.

The main purposes of the event are to promote the scientific culture, enable young people to approach science and orient students towards scientific faculties for their future studies.

The show consists of the presentation of many scientific experiments made by students of every age and school, on the basis of an annual theme. It answers the need to stimulate young people’s curiosity and interest in scientific disciplines through an active approach where they are engaged first-hand in the planning, implementation and illustration to the public of scientific experiments. These experiments are often surprising, sometimes spectacular and always engaging.   

The theme of the year is “Sports” seen under all its aspects: biological. Chemical, physical and mathematical.

The students of the PagliettiHigh School presented some experiences related to the breathing process: they made a model of a lung to illustrate its functioning, two different types of spirometer. The first to measure the lungs’ capacity and one for the flux of air. They also carried out experiments with water and calcium hydroxide to demonstrate that there is carbon dioxide in the air we breathe. They used a candle to prove the presence of oxygen. Finally, they demonstrated that CO is heavier than air.  


Students of Paglietti High school make a simulation of the Costa Concordia refloating boat.

STM Diffusion Italy 3

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