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4th Meeting


The fourth meeting of our STM Comenius project took place in Porto Torres during the 14th 15th, 16th and 17th of October 2014.  In this meeting 10 Spanish pupils and 3 Turkish pupils  were hosted by Italian families.

During these three days the following activities were carried out:

14th October

All visitors  were picked up from Fertilia Airport by Italian teachers.

A small reception at the school was given by Franco, the Headmaster of I.I.S. MARIO PIAGLETI.

The foreing students met the host families and went with them.


15th October

Welcome at school

Visit to Planetario and navegation simulator.  (school’s laboratories).

Canoeing or Rowing.

Scientific Fair.

Meal with students and teachers in a pavilion of the school.

16th October

Departure to Florinas to visit an Eolic Centre.

Guided visit to “Nuraghe Santu Antine”.

17th October

Departure to “Parco di Porto Conte” a natural reserve area.

Scientific activity for students.

Visit to Alghero.

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