IES Mediterráneo is a secondary school situated in the outskirts of Cartagena. It opened during the academic year 1995-1996 and today it is currently being tauhgt the following levels of educational programs in Spain:

a) Four levels of Spanish Secondary Education (ESO)

b) One level of bilingual Secondary Education (Spanish-English)

c) Bachillerato in Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well a special program of Bachillerato called Bachillerato of Research.

d) Different programs of vocational training: Infant Education, Social Integration, Socio-Cultural care, Geriatric care and Sport and Physical activities.

e) A program of  professional qualification called Introduction to office computing program.

IES Mediterraneo has students with very heterogeneous backgrounds, the number of students enrolled each year is between 970-1025, with a 15% of inmigrant pupils, a special needs classroom, catch-up classes, classes for slow learners with qualified teachers in charge of these programs.Moreover our school is enrolled in a program called PROFUNDIZA which deals with Gifted/Talented students. Our school and our students have participated on regional and national competitions related with technology, maths and sciences as the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE and TUTOR MATES maths challenge, among others… and as a result of their great work they have been rewarded by obtaining severals awards.

To know us better, you can take a look to our web site: http://www.iesmediterraneo.es/

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