Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Mario Paglietti” is located in Porto Torres, a small town of 22.000 inhabitants in the north-east of Sardinia.

Following the administrative reorganization of local educational system on a population basis, from this school year 2013-14 I.I.S. “MARIO PAGLIETTI” is a secondary educational institute now composed of four different schools: a transport (nautical) and logistics secondary school, a vocational school and two high schools specializing in scientific and linguistic education, thus covering a wide range of educational fields and serving a big area. Our population is of about 800 students and 100 teachers. The four schools are located in two different places, three in Porto Torres, on the north-west coast and one in Castelsardo, about 25 km eastwards.

Our institute has always been deeply integrated in the social and economical structure of the area and we make every effort to widen our students’ competences in order to give them better chances in the working or in the further educational environment they will be called to operate . Thus, besides the traditional class activities, we provide them with a wide range of different learning experiences, such as training on sailing boats, ferries, local firms and factories, language courses, linguistic stays in English speaking countries, group projects connected to environmental issues and protection, together with the participation to various cultural activities organized in the area by the local community.


To know us better, you can take a look to our web site: www.iispaglietti.it



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